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Your Personal Brand

Emma Louise O’Brien, senior career coach at Renovo, asserts that a personal brand is about having a clear understanding of what you’re good at and building your reputation on those strengths...

In today’s job market, ‘personal branding’ or an ‘online presence’ are terms you will constantly hear about. Having a clear sense of who you are and what you want to be seen as in your marketplace is a vital part of developing a successful personal brand.

What are your unique selling points? (USPs)

If someone was to hire you, what could you bring to the role/project? It could be one or two skills that you have developed or special attributes and qualities you bring to a project. What do people always come to you for? It is really important to be aware of what you do well. If you have confidence in what you do, others will also. It is likely they will be searching for skills or experiences that they don’t currently have within the organisation so what do you offer that they do not have in-house?

Who will benefit from these skills?

You need to understand the value of these skills in the context of a sector or industry. So think about what types of organisations would benefit from your unique set of skills and experiences. Have you got an awareness of the current market trends in your chosen sectors and do you understand where there is a need and where there could be a potential gap? Using research databases and looking an industry news will keep you up to date.

Google yourself

Do you have an online presence? Have you ever heard the term 'digital footprint'? If someone was to Google you, what would they discover? Having too much social activity could damage your reputation. But having very little online will not present you as the expert you want to be seen as.

Build up your online social presence

Develop your profile on LinkedIn. Be active and contribute to groups on LinkedIn - share useful content, follow companies and grow your connections. Update your profiles regularly and make all your contributions count. Set up a website. Blog. Any information that links back to you and what you do well is free online marketing and helps continue to build your personal brand.

What solutions can you offer?

Hiring managers want to know how you can solve their problems and how well you have done it before. They need to have confidence that “it does what It says on the tin” So have success stories ready to tell and achievement statements to demonstrate how effective you have been. Case studies, testimonials and recommendations reinforce your credibility so ensure you are building these into your online presence, particularly your LinkedIn profile.

Be confident in your abilities

If you have belief in yourself others will also. Everyone you meet, every conversation you start could be a potential customer. If you are seen as an expert in what you do you will have influence over others. Ensure you surround yourself with like-minded professionals. Join networking and industry events so you regularly being seen as someone in the know. This is also one of the best routes to maintain professional development.

Always look to improve

Think about developing your knowledge and look at further training and qualifications. By investing time and money in yourself, your personal brand will evolve and other professionals will want to invest in you too.

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