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The Hidden Value In Your CV

The CV is more than just a document to be used as part of the jobseeking process - it can and does have real, hidden value...

A well written CV can help you secure projects, contacts, gain influence and be part of an ongoing professional profile that will open many doors. Here, Giles O'Halloran takes a look at just how valuable a CV really is.

Your CV remains the key to any job application and helps the hiring manager decide in a few seconds as to whether they wish to take you to the next stage. It is therefore vital that you have a good CV, tailored to the role and clearly outlining how your experience fits.

You need to use a CV as a tool to differentiate yourself from the rest. That is why it is so important to ensure it is well crafted, relevant, succinct and attractive. Current employers, potential employers, partners and contacts can learn about what and who you are from this all-important document.

It is a record of your achievements, work you have done and knowledge you have acquired. It is an extremely important professional profiling tool and can play a significant role in establishing your credentials as well as your professional profile in the business community.

Adding your CV to one of the many jobsites or CV databases is a simple first step. However, you must remember that this will only be accessed by those looking for candidates, who will often have had to pay for the privilege. CV databases are useful, but restricted tools.

Using your CV as part of your social media profiling can attract a lot more interest. LinkedIn is the most obvious option where your profile is more or less a CV that others are able to view. This not only helps you attract more interest from potential recruiters, but also helps to build professional networks and relationships that will develop your career as well as potential opportunities.

Your CV then becomes an online representation of you and acts as a way of defining you to the wider world. Facebook and Twitter also allow you to attach, view and share documents like your CV, and these again offer a way for you to network online.

There are many ways online that your CV can add value to your jobhunting, your career development, your business connections and your wider presence in the world. So, take some time to consider how your CV can be used as a tool to increase your online reach.

About The Author

Giles O'Halloran is an experienced HR and Recruitment professional who works as a freelance consultant, strategist, writer and coach. He also spent 12 years as a reservist with the UK's Reserve Forces, serving first with the TA and later with the RAuxAF. Giles is passionate about technology, the value of networks and the future of work.

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