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The Career Benefits Of Temporary Contracts

Temporary contracts can be a great solution when you are in the middle of your job search, as Renovo's Emma Louise O’Brien explains...

Whilst working in a contract may not be a long term consideration, it may open the door to more opportunities and be financially rewarding. Additionally it will allow you to keep your skills up to date and give you the time to acquire new ones. Ultimately it will increase your network of contacts who could play a key part in introducing to your next employer.

Here are some benefits and considerations to choosing a contract or assignment:


When you are seeking your next career move it’s very hard to stay motivated and establish a similar routine to the one you had whilst working. Working temporarily, or on a short term basis, will give you a routine and a sense of purpose which will make it easier to maintain motivation and productivity through the job-hunting process. It is important to allow additional time to continue with your permanent job search, so take time to factor that into your weekly schedule; you may need to sacrifice some personal time on an evening or weekend.


Working in a temporary contract could vary in pay; you may be taking on less responsibilities which would warrant a lower hourly rate. You may have a specialist skill set requiring the company to outsource for staff reflecting a higher rate of pay. Having financial security relieves the pressure whilst looking for a permanent role. It will help increase confidence and reduce any financial sacrifices that you may need to make when not working.

An improvement on your CV

You may be surprised by how impressive temporary work can look on your CV. It may give you the edge when being shortlisted for interviews as it demonstrates you are hardworking and committed to employment. Again, it will bridge any gaps in your career history and will demonstrate your flexibility and adaptability by coming into an environment at short notice and being thrown in at the deep end!

Introduction to new roles, industries and environments

Working in a new environment will open up your eyes to new cultures, company values, sectors and industries. If you are thinking about working in a new industry, temporary contracts are ideal as you can ‘try before you buy’ and make sure it’s a right fit for you. In a temporary contract the recruiter may be more flexible on industry or sector knowledge as they need to fill a role quite quickly, so this could grant you even more experience.

It may also dissuade you from certain industries and companies that you previously wanted to work in, therefore providing you with a clearer insight to what does and doesn’t work for you. For example; if you haven’t worked in a large corporate organisation, temporary work will introduce you to different structures and working styles. You can use this time to revaluate what you are looking for long-term and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Use it to network

Temporary contracts will increase your network from day one. They will allow you to make new connections across the company, so see it as an opportunity to get to know as many people as possible; from Tom in Accounts to Fiona the Commercial Director. Take time to build rapport with your new colleagues, it may lead to a more permanent move in a different department within the business.

As you pass through the different departments and functions within the company, you'll find yourself working closely with people from various backgrounds and understand new working styles. Also you never know who is in their network of contacts outside the business, so creating a positive impression will pay off.

Make it work for you

If you are honest about what you want to be considered for, it may not have to be as full time commitment. Recruitment agencies and employers are aware that you are in this as a temporary measure so may be able to accommodate time off for interviews. There's no obligation to commit to a situation that doesn't suit you, so before you say yes, make sure that it works for you.


Temporary work will increase your credibility with the recruiter. If they can rely on you for a temporary contract it will put you in a stronger position to be considered for something more long term.  Having worked as a recruitment consultant and having filled many positions, I have seen a large number of permanent positions created as a result of a successful temporary contract.

Ultimately the choice to take up a temporary position is your decision, but could be a positive step in the right direction to achieving your long term goal!

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